Welcome to Marian Adejokun Foundation


Firstly what are you allergic to? Do you know?
How can you find out?

  • We recommend people to get an allergy test done
  • We give speeches in schools and communities
  • Also involving my mom`s charity organisation (Relief Africa) we organise entertainment shows for the Orphanages, elderly homes and in churches.
  • We encourage patients and do home visits
  • We have liaise with a company that does SJS bracelets
  • http://www.iceid.co.uk/content/stevens-johnson-syndrome-allergy-alert-bracelet.htm
  • In many cases proceeded with flu like symptoms and high fever.
  • As it evolves the skin literally sloughs off. Ocular involvement includes severe conjunctivitis, iritis, palpebral edema, conjunctival and corneal blisters and erosions, and corneal perforation.

Please Note:-
Almost any Drug can cause Steven Johnson Syndrome, including over the counter drugs. SJS does not (do not) discriminate against anyone. It`s a deadly and aggressive Syndrome.